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You are Jonathon Miller. Today you woke up under a storm cloud in the courtyard of a massive castle. You don't know how you got there, and your only clue is an invitation in your pocket, beckoning you to visit Castle Red.

The castle is vast and empty, but there are a few others roaming the halls. Others like you, brought to the castle under mysterious circumstances. Each holding an invitation.

The worms are in the walls.

Praise be.


Castle Red is a Survival Horror game created with RPG Maker VX Ace. It is my first Ace project, and features a simple stealth system (the Trace Stealth System created for VX by Prof. Meow Meow, and converted to VXA by LiTTleDRAgo) and a lighting system (Khas Awesome Lighting Effects by Khas Arcthunder). Throughout the game you will explore a massive castle, solve puzzles, interact with various characters, evade monsters, and try to solve the mysteries of Castle Red.

Featuring a branching story with six possible endings!

Install instructions

Castle Red v1.3

Newest version of the game. Fixed a few bugs, tweaked a puzzle slightly, and fixed a few monster movement patterns. Other than that, not much change from 1.0.

Ending Guide

People have been asking, so here is an explanation of how to get each ending. Warning: there are spoilers. I've tried to keep it to only the spoilers that are absolutely necessary, but I still recommend you play the game at least once before reading this guide.


Castle Red v1.3 189 MB
Ending Guide 7 kB